Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of only four specialist Children’s Hospitals in the country and the only dedicated paediatric NHS trust in Yorkshire. Children come from all over the region, the UK and the world for its specialist care, with 260,000 patients visiting each year.

The Children’s Hospital Charity works to make Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better, by funding enhancements that are over and above the standard NHS provision. It funds four key areas; the latest medical equipment, research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses, new facilities, and improvements to the hospital environment.

This year the charity will fund a SPECT CT scanner for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, enabling quicker and more precise diagnoses for conditions like cancer. By pinpointing tumours as soon as possible, treatment may begin at the earliest opportunity, and quicker diagnosis means a better chance of a good outcome for that child. The SPECT CT also means improved outcomes for patients with epilepsy thanks to improved quality brain scanning that can pinpoint the precise location of abnormal brain signals. It really is a life-saving piece of equipment that will cement our radiology department as one of the best paediatric facilities in the country.