Family Gatherings

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 March 24, 2016



One of the great things about Hendersons Relish is the love that our fans have for the ‘Relish’.

We get many people telling of their exploits at smuggling Henderson’s all over the UK, to many far off lands and excited e-mails to say that it has turned up in the Falklands, Australia, or on one of the Costa’s and many more.

But what is most warming are the tales of families getting together at holiday times to have a meal together and that Hendersons Relish has to be on the table. It’s as though the Henderson’s is one of the family. Thank you for keeping us so close to your hearts.

We were further moved this week by Tim Thurlow of Solihull who spends time researching First World War battlegrounds in Northern France and Belgium.

Tim unearthed a Hendersons Relish bottle in a field not far from the river Somme in Northern France. The bottle had been there for 100 years escaping the horror of the battle and years of ploughing and farming. It made us feel humble to think that a soldier from Sheffield took the bottle to the battlefront to remind him of home and to most probably enhance some awful food.


Somme bottle


With the Easter holiday here, when it comes to food, we think of Hot Cross Buns, Simnel Cake and Eggs (chocolate of course). We weren’t sure we could suggest that Hendersons goes well with these although there will be someone out there that will tell us otherwise.

So with our recent infatuation with Pies we wandered whether there was one for Easter.

Yes we found one, Italian Easter Pie.



Italian easter Pie 2

Happy Easter